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Britton Timbers - The Exotic Hardwood Specialists

Tasmanian Blackwood

Heartwood golden brown, often with narrow bands of darker colour indicative of the growth rings... (+)

Tasmanian Oak

Heartwood pale to light brown in colour with a pinkish tinge. Sapwood is pale yellow, usually... (+)

Tasmanian Myrtle

Rich red to reddish brown coloured heartwood, paler sapwood separated from the heartwood by a zone... (+)

Cambia Ash

The Cambia thermal modification process uses high heat to improve its dimensional stability and decay... (+)

American White Oak

Similar in colour and appearance to European oak. The sapwood of American white oak is... (+)


An environmentally friendly solid wood with durability, dimensional stability and beauty that matches... (+)

American Ash

Similar in appearance to European ash. The sapwood is light coloured to nearly white and the heartwood... (+)

American Black Walnut

The sapwood is creamy white, heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown, occasionally with... (+)

American Cherry

The heartwood varies from rich red to reddish brown and will darken on exposure to light... (+)

American Hard Maple

The sapwood is creamy white with a slight reddish brown tinge and the heartwood varies from light... (+)

American Red Oak

The sapwood is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish reddish brown. The wood appears... (+)


Sapwood is straw coloured and is sharply differentiated from the heartwood, which is brick... (+)

Australian Chestnut

Flooring is characterised by subtle colour variations from mellow straw brown to light chocolates... (+)

Australian Wormy Chestnut

Trees are affected by wildfires, years of drought and attack by insects.Flood and strong winds stunt... (+)


Heartwood pale brown, but northern material may sometimes display a slight pinkish tinge... (+)

Blue Gum

Heartwood dark pink to red brown. Sapwood usually sufficiently paler to be readily distinguished... (+)


Heartwood dark reddish brown with occasional dark veins. Sapwood pale. Fine even texture... (+)

Cambia Maple

The Cambia thermal modification process uses high heat to improve its dimensional stability and decay... (+)

Cambia Oak

The Cambia thermal modification process uses high heat to improve its dimensional stability and decay... (+)

Cambia Poplar

The Cambia thermal modification process uses high heat to improve its dimensional stability and decay... (+)

Celery Top Pine

The heartwood colour is pale yellow, with clearly defined growth rings. It is straight grained, with a fine... (+)

Damar Minyak

Heartwood pale yellowish brown, sometimes with a pinkish tinge. Sapwood often hard to distinguish... (+)


Sapwood is only moderately well defined in Coelostegia but well defined in Durio and Neesia... (+)

European Beech

Heartwood pale brown, sapwood creamy and not clearly distinguishable. The heat of kiln drying can... (+)

European Maple

Heartwood creamy, darkening on exposure. Sapwood not clearly separated. Texture fine and even... (+)

European Oak

Heartwood pale yellow brown, darkening with exposure. Sapwood creamy and distinctive... (+)


A large, fast growing plantation hardwood. Heartwood pink to pale red. Sapwood not always clearly... (+)

Huon Pine

Heartwood pale straw, becoming yellow after long exposure. Sapwood very narrow and hard to... (+)

Ironbark Grey

Heartwood colour varies from pale brown to dark chocolate brown and also dark red. Texture moderately ... (+)

Ironbark Red

Heartwood dark red. Sapwood pale yellow. Texture medium and even. Grain interlocked... (+)


Heartwood is a rich dark brownish red, sometimes marked by short, dark brown radial flecks on the end... (+)


Heartwood is creamy white to straw coloured. The grain is almost straight, the texture fine and even and... (+)


Heartwood is reddish brown, paler in colour than Jarrah when fresh, but maturing to a more uniform... (+)


Sapwood is moderately well defined. Heartwood is brown with a red or pink tinge or red brown... (+)

Meranti Light Red

Heartwood is pale to mid red-brown. Sapwood yellow, pink or grey and usually ... (+)


Sapwood is well defined and pale yellow in colour. Heartwood is yellowish to orange brown when fresh... (+)

Northern Box

Sapwood yellow, tinged with red, merging into pink brown or red brown heartwood. Texture fine, even... (+)

River Red Gum

The heartwood varies according to location in age, from pink to dark red. The grain is interlocked and ... (+)

Rose Gum

Heartwood pink to pale red brown. Sapwood not always clearly differentiated. Texture moderately... (+)


Heartwood can be either golden brown or a dark blood red. Sapwood pale yellow. Texture medium... (+)


Heartwood is pink when freshly cut to red brown or purple brown. Sapwood grey pink or cream... (+)

Sassafras & Blackheart Sassafras

Golden sassafras is a beautiful pale creamy grey to white timber. Finishing to a grey and golden tone... (+)

Silvertop Ash

Straight-grained timber that often features gum veins, ambrosia, growth rings and pencil steaks which... (+)

Spotted Gum

Heartwood pale to dark brown or chocolate. Sapwood is distinctively paler but there maybe a zone of ... (+)


Heartwood reddish brown. Sapwood narrow, pale red and distinctive. Texture moderately coarse... (+)


Heartwood yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green. Sapwood usually distinctively paler... (+)


Heartwood golden brown, often with dark markings. Sapwood pale yellow and easily distinguished... (+)

Victorian Ash

Heartwood pale pink or pale straw. Sapwood not always clearly differentiated. Texture rather coarse... (+)


The clearly defined heartwood is dark brown, with very close, fine, almost black veins. The closely... (+)

Western Red Cedar

Heartwood variable, from pale brown to dark brown. Sapwood is yellowish white. Texture fine but... (+)