Blackwood by Westwood

Britton Timbers collaborated with Westwood Workshop recently and the results are stunning. Westwood chose Britton’s Tasmanian Blackwood to create some magic in a state-of-the-art kitchen in Brisbane.

Westwood owner David Mawhinney says he uses Blackwood with great success in shops and beauty salons and the like, but thought it could also provide that 'something special' in the kitchen for the owners of a chic Brisbane residence. How right he was.

"We created a feature wall with laminated Blackwood that was calculated to impress. Tasmanian Blackwood has a richness and quality that is hard to find, and that combined with some special design, has created something unique."

The feature wall utilised graduated lengths and thicknesses of Blackwood in 5mm increments, but David says that wasn’t the tricky part.

"Making a feature wall that the eye sees as random, is not easy. As humans, we tend to see and work towards patterns, so making sure there was no discernible pattern to the wall, took some doing. The wall also has functional shelf spaces built-in, so it’s a double-whammy – practical functionality combined with fabulous looking solid timber."

Britton Timbers provided all of the Blackwood for the kitchen - not least for the eye-catching multi-functional island bench which measures an 3.2 metres long by 1.8 metres wide.

"The island bench is made from robust, 46mm Blackwood and is handy to the cooktop and ovens. It completes the cooking and dining hub for the kitchen as there's room for plenty of chairs and even bookshelves to house those all-important recipes. The chunky Blackwood complements the feature wall opposite beautifully."

David specialises in high-end construction and design for kitchens, bathrooms, office furniture and outdoor living, and sees Britton Timber's Tasmanian Blackwood as a timber that can add design value to a variety of situations.

Westwood Workshop customers benefit from David's nineteen years experience in Australia and Europe and he brings a discerning eye to the task of choosing the right timber for the job. For this stunning kitchen, Westwood undoubtedly chose the best wood.

Learn more about Britton Timber's Tasmanian Blackwood

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